My Mission

Help fellow BRRRR investors achieve financial freedom through the BRRRR strategy like I have been so fortunate to do.

My Promise

Well…what we do is provide the contracts, deal analysis tools, interview solutions and resources I personally have used and built over ten years and millions in deals as a successful attorney and BRRRR investor and that I have personally used to find financial freedom through the BRRRR strategy. It is time to take control of your future and make sure that you are doing deals on terms that actually favor you, the investor

The Problem We Need to Fix

You know how most investors hire their property managers and contractors and lease to tenants by either (1) using the first contract they find on Google, (2) signing the first contract their PM or contract presents them (big mistake), (3) not using a contract at all (what?!) or (4) hiring an overpriced lawyer that has never even invested in real estate or heard of BRRRR to prepare contracts that supposedly “favor” the investor?

The Evidence Shows…

In fact, we give you access to these same guided, easy-to-use contracts and deal tools that my firm and partners have used to do over $80M In real estate deals.  See how it works.

What others are saying…

A personal note to those ready to join this journey

Hey guys…I am the founder of BRRRRInvest.com. An attorney by trade, I began investing in real estate ten years ago using the BRRRR method before that became an acronym that we all now know.

It has certainly been a learning experience. I created my own deal analysis tools for running numbers, read all the books and guides and prepared all the contracts I needed to hire and effectively work with my contractors and property managers and lease my properties to my tenants. None of this came without a lot of trial and error of course!

After ten years of investing, and about $80 million in real estate deals completed between my personal portfolio and the investment firm of which I am now a partner and head of legal, I realized that many fellow BRRRR investors could benefit from the information I have gathered and resources that I have prepared over the years. Now living in South America in Medellin, Colombia, real estate has allowed me to find the financial freedom that I know many folks seek. I want to help you on your journey

A life well-lived thanks to a portfolio well-built…

My hoja de vida (that´s resume in Spanish)