Podcast: BRRRR. Financial Freedom. Doing Deals While Living Overseas

A Podcast: BRRRR. Financial Freedom.  Doing Deals While Living Overseas.

I think that you will love this listen! Here are the show notes!

Adam Jason, founder of BRRRRInvest.com, and real estate attorney and BRRRR investor, joins Jason Hardman from Medellin, Colombia to discuss some different methods of real estate investing, particularly the BRRRR method! We also dive into the online deal analysis and legal solution he has specifically-crafted for BRRRR investors! Adam points out some key differences in rehabbing a home when the expectation is set for flipping versus renting.  As well, Adam shares some experiences working with contractors, and what you need to do to avoid certain problems.  He also gets into how he is able to do all these BRRRR deals in the U.S. while live and working in Medellin, Colombia through the online tools he has created for himself and other BRRRR investors . . .

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