How to Raise Money As BRRRR Investors:
Everything You Need

Video - Setting Up Your LLCs

Today we open this video series with a discussion of choosing entities and getting your BRRRR LLCs ready to accept investors.

Video - Single Asset or Setting up a Fund

We continue this video series with a discussion of fundraising strategy and deciding whether it is best to raise money for a single project or establish a fund structure.

Video - Making Sure You are using market terms

A discussion of how to choose the right financial terms along with a discussion of “market” terms and fees.

Video - Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Regulation and Practical implications

Today we continue this video series with a discussion of the practical and legal implications of actually approaching investors for capital and how to navigate the 506(b), 506(c) and SEC landscape.

Video - Operating the Properties

We finish this video series with a discussion of what you need to know to manage your properties after you get your investors onboard.

Must-Read Article

The five tools Tools that you Absolutely Need To Syndicate Capital for your BRRRRs

I wrote this article for those buy-rehab-rent-refinance-repeat (BRRRR) investors who are at the point of growth where they want to begin to recruit other investors to participate in their deals with them . . . read more . . .

video: Financing BRRRR Deals & SEC Regulation

In this video, I take you through the analysis you must go through to determine whether to raise capital for your BRRRR projects you need to be thinking about SEC regulation. We discuss (1) who must comply and (2) what that compliance must like.


Are you bringing in a partner who will be lending you money for your next BRRRR deal? Do it professionally. Use this fill-in-the blank, reusable and attorney-prepared BRRRR promissory note template to get your partner(s) comfortable around your repayment terms. Prepared exclusively for BRRRR investors with repayment terms conditioned on the time of refinancing your BRRRR. Use it as-is or customize it for your next deal. Trusted by other BRRRR investors like you. 


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additional resources

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