Video: How to Protect Yourself as a BRRRR Investor: Contracting Wisely with your Contractors, Property Managers and Tenants without Paying Massive Legal Bills


What: You´re either new to BRRRR investing or want to take your investing to the next level. You are looking for ways to mitigate the “unknowns” of BRRRR investing. You´ve heard or know firsthand the horror stories of working with the wrong contractors and property managers or getting a horrible tenant. You are excited about the financial freedom that BRRRR investing can offer, but you know that to be a strong investor you also have to limit your downside risk – people! Do any of these describe you? Join us.

I´m going to show you how to take control of and maximize your return on investment through the power of using clear and unambiguous contracts that favor you, the investor and that were prepared by us, professional attorneys and BRRRR investors.

Who: Adam Jason – Founder – Partner & Chief Legal Counsel of Lifeafar Capital – Real estate and agriculture investment firm specializing in emerging market investments with approximately $80 million in funds raised. Ten years of major U.S. law firm experience. Author. Past corporate client list includes: Sherwin-Williams, R.J. Reynolds, Procter & Gamble, Macy’s, JP Morgan, Citibank, Morgan Stanley and Yeti Coolers. Real estate investor.

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