How and Where to Find Lending for BRRRR Investors in these Uncertain Times | BRRRR Invest 2020 I

“How and Where to Find Lending for BRRRR Investors in these Uncertain Times: Manage the Lending Landscape of the COVID-19 Era with the Facts about How and Where to Finance or Refinance Your Next BRRRR”


What: You are continuing to grow your portfolio despite the challenges that COVID-19 presents and are in need of a dependable lender or you are looking to put yourself in a strong cash position through the refinance of an existing property and need to find that lending source. Does either of these describe you? Join us.

What we will do?

We are going to give you the facts about the lending landscape in this era of COVID-19. We are going to get you into the mind of lenders who lend specifically to BRRRR investors as they determine what their business model will look like in light of the economic and financial circumstances we now face and what boxes their lending clients must now check to receive funding.

Who: Co-Hosts:

Alex Bekeza – A licensed Mortgage Loan Originator and Real Estate Agent in California who can fund investment properties in over 40 states. He specializes in loan programs that are custom-tailored for self-employed investors because they don’t calculate debt-to-income ratios.

He can handle everything from long-term 30-year mortgages to maximize your cash flow on your next BRRRR to short-term fix and flip products to cover both acquisition and renovations.

Adam Jason – Founder – Partner & Chief Legal Counsel of Lifeafar Investments, a real estate firm specializing in emerging market investments with approximately $80 million in funds raised.

Ten years of major U.S. law firm experience. Author. Past corporate and real client list includes Sherwin-Williams, R.J. Reynolds, Procter & Gamble, Macy’s, DDR, Gladstone REIT, JP Morgan, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, and Yeti Coolers. 10 years of BRRRR investing experience.

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