Our BRRRR Solution

Our promise:

Our promise:

Our solution is for those who seek financial freedom through the BRRRR strategy without the uncertainties that often can come when analyzing potential financial returns, making offers and preparing and negotiating agreements with contractors, property managers and tenants. 

We give investors following the strategy of Buy-Rehab-Rent-Refinance-Repeat (BRRRR) the ability to:

  1. Analyze deals

  2. Automatically generate offer letters to send to agents and sellers and electronically sign

  3. Interview real estate agents, contractors, property managers and lenders and compare them side-by-side

  4. Form your own formal business entity to carry out your investing with our Business Formation Checklist and other investing resources

  5. Leverage our decade of experience and millions in deals done . . . Edit, download, sign and send investor-friendly contracts to your contractors, property managers and tenants. All previously-prepared by professional attorneys.

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Here's what you get:

1. Analyze deals with accuracy –

With our solution you can confidently analyze potential BRRRR investments so that you can make the right investment decision for your real estate portfolio. You are a disciplined investor. Investing is all in the numbers. We have put together a Deal Analysis solution for you to account for all the contingencies that can change a deal – buying all cash or with cash and financing? Concerned about whether a project would be a better flip than a BRRRR because of great equity but low cash flow? Your Deal Analysis platform will give you all the information you need to make an educated offer or pass and move on to the next opportunity. It’s also crazy fast and intuitive.

2. Decide and offer –

You have run the analysis and it looks like you found a deal. Excellent. Immediately prepare your offer letter through the system. You can set your offer price, note your contingencies and plug in any additional terms to make the offer you feel is going to get that property in your portfolio. Quickly download your offer so you can easily forward it over to your agent or directly to the seller. Don ́t know what to include in an offer or how it should look? Don ́t worry, all that advice is there for you.

3. Cut your fees –

Would the cost of legal fees for high-priced lawyers who charge you simply to dust off an old contract and throw your name at the top hurt your profitability? The legal package in your portfolio includes:

Contractor Agreement with Scope of Work – Working with contractors can be challenging. Questions include: How do I ensure they finish my project on-time? How do I get an itemized bid that I can compare apples-to-apples with other contractors to get the best price? Our contractor agreement holds contractors accountable with bonus and penalty provisions for timely work. We also include a scope of work document that you can send to your contractor to use for preparing your bid. Getting a few bids? Have all your prospective contractors complete this scope of work so that you can compare them all quickly and easily.

Property Management Agreement – A good property manager can make or break a deal. Set clear expectations of your property manager by using the property management contract included in your subscription. Doing a lot of deals? Include clear terms to make sure your property management fees are dropping as you grow your portfolio so you can make more money.

Lease Agreements – Cash flow is likely a huge part of your investing strategy. You are going to want a contract that is going to require rental increases, reduce your utility and maintenance costs and make your landlord experience hassle-free. Our strategically-prepared lease agreement is also included in your subscription.

Organized – All these completed documents along with other deal materials can be uploaded and stored simply and easily in the portfolio you create for each project. Never go scrabbling for documents or trying to dig up old contracts.

Expertise – I prepared all the contracts in your package using my ten years of experience as a deal lawyer and BRRRR investor. They are the same that I used to find financial freedom through the BRRRR strategy.

Consistency – Your investment portfolio is going to grow. That’s why you’re here. Do you really want to have to remember the contents of new and different agreements with every contractor, property manager and tenant you work with? That is going to take time, and slip-ups could cost you money. By using our investor package, you will always know the obligations of the contractors, property managers and tenants that are key to your success since you will use the same agreement with all of them. Less time remembering contract terms means more time finding deals, and more profits.

Tailored – All these agreements are fully tailorable on the platform for your specific situation. Consultations are also available.

4. Rinse and Repeat –

Your membership comes with unlimited access to these tools. Analyze prospective deals and manage as many as you can get your hands on for no price increases or upcharges. Are you a one-deal-a-year investor or are you striving for massive scale? Either way, we have you covered.

5. Be a well-rounded investor –

The other benefits of the service are incredible and growing. Don ́t know where to begin to evaluate your team of lenders, agents, contractors and property managers? You ́ll also get access to questionnaires to use to interview lenders, property managers, real estate agents and contractors. Want advice? Stay up-to-date with our blog and never hesitate to reach out or schedule a one-on-one consult to maximize results and tailor our solution to your portfolio.

Close more deals faster, for less. Get access to BRRRR All-in-One Solution and membership features with unbeatable value.